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ATV Insurance

ATV Insurance Chandler Texas
ATV UTV Insurance Athens Texas

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Why The Nolen Agency?

Most Insurance agencies can only compare one or two companies. When you get a quote from The Nolen Agency Insurance we don't just check one company, we check several! Give us your information once and our professional agents will go to work finding the best insurance for you!

"We Shop Multiple Companies To Get You The Best RATE!"

We Provide ATV Insurance for:  
Chandler, Tx - Athens, Tx and all of the East Texas Region

Getting an ATV or UTV quote from The Nolen Agency Insurance  is easy, free, and only takes a few minutes. Don’t wait, get excellent ATV or UTV insurance coverage with us at better rates!

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ATV Insurance Chandler Tx
ATV Insurance Athens Tx
Want to learn more about ATV Insurance?
ATV & UTV / UTL Off-Road Insurance
What is an ATV?

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, and with handlebars for steering control. These vehicles have three to four wheels designed for use on various types of terrain. The 4-wheeled version is commonly called a quad, four-wheeler, or ATV. There are also 3-wheeled models that were discontinued in 1988.

What is a UTL/UTV?


A Utility Side by Side Vehicle (UTL) also referred as a UTV is vehicle that is designed to be used primarily off-road. They have four or more low-pressure tires, a steering wheel, tail light, break light, and two headlights. They also have seating for at least 2 occupants.


ATV & UTV Insurance Packages
Great Insurance Rates and Discounts

The Nolen Agency Insurance insures a wide range of ATVs & UTL / UTVs with great insurance rates for ATV or UTV insurance packages, and insurance discounts to help you save money.

Like Motorcycles, ATV’s have their own designation and classification and mimic Motorcycle Insurance and Automobile Insurance in that ATV Insuranceshares some of the same basic coverages.

Texas allows ATV’s to operate on some Public Land and/or Public Trails and where and when allowed to do so ATV’s are subject to ‘State Requirements’.

Please review the Texas Parks and Wildlife Requirements FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and the Texas Department of Public Safety Synopsis shown in the convenient Links provided below for the Texas OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Program:



  • Texas Parks and Wildlife: OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Program FAQ’s

       (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Texas Department of Public Safety: Synopsis

       A TV Operator Education and Certification Program

ATV’s used on Private Property (where permission to ride has been granted) are not subject to State Requirements for an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle). In either case no matter if you ride your ATV on Public Land/Trails or Private Land, not insuring an ATV is a huge risk as ATV’s by their very nature of use can be inherently dangerous and therefore potentially raising your risk level for bodily injury and property damage. If an accident occurs and a participant or by-stander gets hurt by you or your ATV (for example) you can be sued for a substantial sum and you could find yourself in financial jeopardy.


A few Homeowners Insurance Policies (usually through Farm Mutual Companies) do allow you to insure an ATV on your property but they limit coverage and value. Review this important ATV coverage with your insurance agent so you may be advised about your coverage needs depending on your circumstance. It is highly recommended although that you acquire an ATV Insurance Policy for your ATV(s).

To insure an ATV with an ATV Insurance Policy, many of the same requirements to get insurance apply as they do with a Motorcycle and Automobile as well. You must supply your ATV’s: Make, Model, Age, and VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number). Other things like Engine Size, if it’s a Utility ATV vs. a Sport ATV, added Custom Parts, Accessories, Safety Equipment, and Where You Live may also affect insurance coverage. An agreed upon value of the machine will then be set.

You must also supply your Driving Record (an agent will check your driving record with the Department of Motor Vehicles), your Date of Birth, and your Social Security Number. A user’s age and experience level will also affect the cost of insurance. Your agent may run a Credit Check on you as well. A poor driving record and credit score can affect your Policy Premium (what you are charged for insurance coverage).

Many people who own ATV’s make riding them a family affair or buy them for their underage kids. This is a risky business even with ‘required parental supervision’ of children younger than 14 years of age. A child operating an ATV is allowed by some insurers but you may need to tell your agent before a policy is issued as to whom the operators of your ATV(s) will be because it may affect your Premium. Age limitations vary in Texas by insurer and policy type. Make sure you review these important facts with your agent.

It is highly recommended that ATV riders take a Safety Course (required for Public Land and/or Public Trails) before riding and enjoying the fun of an ATV (it may also afford you a discount on your policy Premium). Parents and kids alike should really understand the inherent dangers of an ATV before use.

Special Note: If your ATV is used for Racing or in a Business your coverage for your ATV may be null-and-void when you try to collect for a claim surrounding either one of those events. Coverage is available for racing and business use but it’s your responsibility to notify your agent so he may be able to find you the appropriate insurer and policy coverage type for your particular circumstance.

ATV Insurance Policies

Even after having said all of the above, ATV Insurance Policies can still be relatively inexpensive in the world of insurance.

Some factors to consider before buying an ATV are as follows:


  • Make sure you have a good Driving Record

  • Review your Credit Score

  • Take a Safety Course (required for public land and/or public trails)

  • Review Insurance Premiums for ATV’s (machine types) as more aggressive machines with poor safety records/claims cost more to insure

  • Make sure you review and understand your ATV Insurance Coverage

  • Review ATV Liability Coverage Limits; Basic Liability Coverage may not be enough

  • Review your Medical Coverage Limits; you may need to raise them

  • Review Comprehensive and Collision Coverage Limits; if you purchase a more expensive machine you may need higher limits (remember, comprehensive coverage protects against such things as fire and theft)

  • Don’t drop Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage; as many people don’t insure their ATV’s and this protects you against their negligence

  • Review Coverage Limits for Additional Custom Parts, Accessories, Helmets, Riding Gear, and additional Safety Equipment

  • Special Note: You may receive a discount if you insure more than one ATV on your policy with the same insurance company. Also, consider a higher ‘Deductible’ (the amount you pay before the insurance company pays a claim for certain coverage types) to help reduce the Premium on your ATV Insurance policy.

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