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Farm and Ranch Insurance

Get a Farm and Ranch Insurance Quote Today!

Why The Nolen Agency?

Most insurance agencies can only compare one or two companies. When you get a quote from The Nolen Agency Insurance we don't just check one company, we check several! Give us your information once and our professional agents will go to work finding the best insurance for you!

"We Shop Multiple Compaines To Get You The Best Rate!"

We Provide Farm & Ranch Insurance for:
Chandler, Tx - Athens, Tx and all of the East Texas Region

The Nolen Agency Insurance can help you protect Farms and Ranches of all types and sizes with different coverage limits based on your need. A Farm and Ranch Insurance policy will provide coverage to your home or dewelling, farm property, out-bulidings, equipment and liability risks.

If your farm or ranch is a business as well, you may want to consider other addtional coverages like loss of income, workers compensation, commercial auto and errors and omissions. The different options and coverages for a farm & ranch policy can be confusing, so talk to a Nolen Agency Insurance agent and let us explain the details. 

Get A Farm & Ranch Insurance Quote Today!
What does Farm & Ranch Insurance Cover?
Farm or Non-Dwelling Buildings
  •  Detached Garages and Storage Buildings

  •  Barns, Hay Sheds, Arena and Fences

  •  Grain Bins and Silos

  •  Poultry or Dairy Operations

  •  Swimming Pools

Farm Implements, Machinery & Tools
  • Tractors and Combines

  • Farm Implements and Hay Balers

  • Grain Bins and Silos

  • Poultry or Dairy Operations

  • Hay, Feed, & Fertilizer

  • Irrigation Equipment, Windmills & Cisterns

  • Mobile agriculture machinery


Product Liability Insurance:     


provides coverage against injury or illness resulting from ingesting your farm products.

Premise Liability Insurance:


Covers the farm or ranch in the event of accident or physical injury to anyone visiting the farm.


An endorsement also known as a rider, addendum, or attachment is a written document attached to an insurance policy that modifies the policy by changing the coverage of the policy. An endorsement can add coverage for acts or things that are not covered as a part of the original policy and can be added at the inception of the policy or later during the term of the policy.


An endorsement is simply the specific coverage that an underwriter has agreed to cover with a specified limit of liability, usually an amount greater than the insured’s collective assets.


If your farm has a roadside stand, you may be able to include this in your farm policy whether or not it is on your property, but you must clarify this with your agent.


Limited Liability


  • Limited liability coverage is for products that your customers are ingesting. The recommended amount of

  • coverage for property and liability is based on the farm’s net worth and five years of earnings.


Commercial General Liability


  • Commercial general liability policy can combine liability insurance with property insurance. This might meet the needs of farms that process foods, sell flowers, non-edibles, or have the public on the farm. This policycan

  • have an “event endorsement” that will cover any injuries or mishaps that occur when you invite the public onto your farm. 

  • Activities such as on-farm stands, U-Pick crops, farm tours, or other agritourismrelated events should all be well defined within your coverage.


Crop Insurance


  • Crop insurance is an essential Risk Management Tool for today's Farmers.

  • Crop insurance provides protection for your crop/crops which cover losses due to crop failure, or in some cases, losses due to decline in market price. When one disaster can cost you five years of profit, crop insurance provides you with Peace of Mind.

Farm and Ranch Insurance Athens, Texas
Farm and Ranch Insurance Chandler Texas
Farm and Ranch Insurance Chandler Tx
Farm and Ranch Insurance Athens Tx
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