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Do You Have Enough of These Important Types of Insurance?

Insurance policies are an important part of day-to-day life that we often forget to take care of or maintain as life changes. However, it's important to assess insurance coverage on a regular basis and make any necessary adjustments. Speaking to an insurance agent can help you determine if it makes sense to carry more of certain types of coverage, if you can combine coverage areas, or if you need to purchase an additional policy.

Insurance agencies can help you determine if you have enough coverage in the following areas:

Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance protects items that belong to you, personally. This insurance can cover jewelry, furniture, china, musical instruments, collectibles, and other special items. If you have a collection of possessions that are important to you and would cost money to replace, it may be necessary to cover them with personal property insurance. You may need to have the items appraised before purchasing an insurance policy or specific rider for them.

Home Insurance

Homeowners' Insurance can be purchased to cover your home and your property inside of it. You can discuss how much insurance you think you may need with Nolen Agency Insurance, and we'll help you decide on an appropriate amount based on your house and your possessions. In addition we can help walk you through the process of documentation, purchasing a policy, and more. Insurance doesn't have to be a complicated process, and it's important to make sure that you're well protected.

Auto Insurance

It's also important that you carry enough auto insurance for all of the vehicles and drivers in your family. Work with a skilled insurance agent to determine how much insurance you'll need on each vehicle, as well as any other types of coverage you'd like to carry, such as underinsured motorist or additional medical coverage in case of an accident. It only takes one auto accident to cause a serious life disruption, so it's vital that you're carrying an appropriate amount of insurance coverage.

Life Insurance

Will your family have financial resources in place if something happens to you? Will your loved ones have access to funding for funeral expenses, to handle your final affairs, and to get themselves settled? If you have any doubts when you think about these questions, it may be time to consider adding a life insurance policy. Or, if you already carry life insurance, you may want to consider purchasing additional insurance. Nolen Agency Insurance can help you evaluate your life insurance coverage, determine how much you think you'll need, and purchase additional insurance as necessary.

Your overall insurance needs can change throughout your life. This makes it important to spend some time each year evaluating what types of insurance you currently need, then speak to an agent if you are unsure if your current policies cover everything.

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