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Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

As a driver, you’re exposing yourself to many risks every time you take your vehicle to the open road. You buckle your seat belt, you make sure to obey all traffic laws, and you make sure you are following the posted speed limits. However, despite your careful efforts, you may still be taking needless risks with your vehicle when you lend it out to your children, spouse, or friends. Many drivers like yourself do not realize what exactly is covered by their automobile insurance. Does your insurance cover you, or does it cover your vehicle? The answer? It varies.

Liability Insurance Follows the Driver

Every time you hand your keys over to someone else – whether it’s your spouse or it’s your best friend – you may be wondering if your insurance is actually going to cover them in the event that they get into a collision. Not only are you worried about the legal liability of letting another driver use your automobile, you’re also wanting to ensure that they do get access to medical treatment in the event that they do get a fender bender.

Fortunately, if you have liability insurance, then your driver should be protected if something does happen while they’re driving your car. This type of insurance helps cover any issues that may be due to injuries incurred while operating your vehicle. Furthermore, liability insurance is mandatory here in the state of Texas, which means that if anyone does have an incident behind the wheel, they should be covered by their insurance.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage Follows the Car

On the other hand, while liability insurance covers the driver, what happens if someone is driving your car and they get into a crash? Even if your friend walks away without a scratch, your car still may wind up totaled from the accident. Then what can you do?

In this case, it’s essential that you have comprehensive and collision insurance in place. That way, not only will your driver be protected if they are physically harmed, your car is also protected. Depending on the extent of the coverage that you choose, your car may be covered up to a certain amount. For instance, if your car is a newer model, you may elect to get a plan that covers more.

Choosing the Right Automobile Insurance

It’s important to remember that there are nuances to these insurance policies. For instance, if the driver who was operating your car was deemed liable, the insurance may not cover them. While picking the best type of insurance for yourself and your vehicle can seem like a challenge, we here at The Nolen Insurance Agency are more than happy to help you go over your options to help you choose the best plan. To learn more about which automobile insurance best is for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here today!

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