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You've put a lot into making your home unique - so why wouldn't your insurance be unique?

Travelers new home insurance product let you customize your policy by scaling your coverage up or down to give you the protection your home needs, without paying for things you don't need. How can this be?

1. Your home's replacement cost may not match its insured value. Choose 25%, 50% or even 100% additional replacement coverage to help ensure you're protected in the event of an unexpected rise in building cost.

2. Select from three limit levels for personal property like jewelry, collectibles, comic books, tools, rugs and other types of valuables.

3.Whether you have a detached garage, pool, a custom patio with a fire pit or no outside structures at all, you can scale your coverage levels up or down based on your situation.

Here are a few other ways we can customize your policy to help you save:

* Decreasing Deductible and loss forgiveness package, which banks a deductible credit for you each year and forgives on loss every five years.

* Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which helps protect your home systems and appliances from unexpected mechanical and electrical failures for just an additional $2 a month.

* Smart Home Protective Device Discount, which saves you money if you have smart fire, burglar or water alarms that alert your mobile devices.

Plus, if you insure your car or other policies with Travelers, your may be eligible for the Multi-Policy Discount.

If you would like to know more about Travelers Insurance products contact us at The Nolen Agency Insurance. We are a independent insurance agent with multiple insurance carriers to help serve you better.

Athens, Texas 903-904-5100

Chandler, Texas 903-849-4009

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