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Why You Should Use an Independent Insurance Agency

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Getting a good insurance plan is a necessity to protect your health, wealth, property and livelihood. However, finding an insurance policy that truly meets your needs is more complicated than people realize. Worse still, you often don't know you're underinsured until something goes wrong. To get the best policies for you and your family, you should use an independent insurance agency like The Nolen Agency Insurance.

One of the main benefits of an independent insurance agent is that you get to choose from a broader range of providers and products. When you see commercials from major insurance companies asking you to get a quote from their site, you only see offers based on the plans they sell. The Nolen Agency Insurance has arrangements with dozens of insurers in Texas so that we can search for the best deal for our clients. Sometimes, it will be a plan from one of the major national insurers. But there are many situations where the best option is from a smaller insurer that you would not have known about.

Using an independent insurance agency is also beneficial when you need to buy several kinds of insurance. While insurers want you to bundle as many services as possible, that may not be the best choice. You can get better coverage at a lower price if you shop around and are willing to have more than one insurance company. Don’t worry about any confusion, you agent from Nolen Agency Insurance will help you get the best deal and keep everything on track.

Consumers that get their coverage through an independent insurance agency also benefit from the local knowledge of the agents. An insurance agent from the area will know more about the potential risks and common issues that affect the insurance of locals. The Nolen Agency Insurance is 100 percent local and independently owned by people from Texas. We know your insurance concerns because they are the same ones we have for our families.

An independent insurance agency also provides better, and more personalized customer service than national insurers. At the Nolen Agency Insurance, we’ve met many of our clients in person. They are our neighbors and friends, and we take pride in giving them high-quality insurance coverage that will protect them in their time of need. When you get your insurance through us, you have local help and support when you need it most.

The Nolen Agency Insurance cares about our neighbors and the people of East Texas. We have fast and friendly service for all types of insurance. We partner with multiple home and auto insurers to give our customers the coverage they need. You get a dedicated agent to manage your account, and we review your policies yearly. That way you know you’re always getting the best prices. Since insurance companies change their rates and policies often an annual review is a good idea. As an Independent Agency, we are not beholden to any of the national insurance companies and have no qualms about switching you to a different company if it will save you money or provide you with better coverage.

If you’re ready to save money on your insurance coverage while getting better customer service, it’s time to switch to an independent insurance agency. Contact Nolen Agency Insurance to get a free quote. There's nothing to lose, and we're sure we can help you save money on your insurance costs.

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